What Does Hula Hooping do for You?

Hula hooping has become quite a popular trend in the last few years. And why not? Hooping is an amazing workout that makes you sweat like anything. It targets your entire body and improves your balance, coordination and flexibility. It tones your core, improves your posture and even strengthens your back.

What is Hula Hooping?

Hula hooping is an aerobic exercise that involves the use of a weighted flexible hoop. The hula hooping trend started after the release of the workout video called ‘Hula Hoop Girl’ by Australian fitness instructor and model Liz McGehee. The hoop can be used to perform body-weight exercises, or it can be weighted by swinging a heavier object inside it (like a weighted rope or chain). Hula hooping is different from other exercise trends such as aerial yoga or TRX because it’s a large piece of equipment that you actually hold in your hands. If you want to start hula hooping, don’t worry! It’s really easy to pick up. You can even make your own hoop using a long piece of fabric and a ring.

How to Hula Hoop?

As hula hooping is a form of exercise, you have to do it properly to get all the benefits. This is how you do it: Stand with your knees slightly bent and your core pulled in. Make sure your upper body is straight and your shoulders are dropped. Hold the hoop with both hands about shoulder-width apart, with the hoop inside your thighs. Begin rotating the hoop by moving your hips. Make sure that the hoop is not too close to your crotch, as this may be painful. Once you’ve gained some momentum, bring the hoop up above your waist.

Benefits of hula hooping

- It strengthens your core: Your core is the most important part of your body. It includes your lower back, abdominal muscles and the muscles around your spine. Strong core muscles will help you to stay fit and avoid back pain. Hoola hooping is a great way to strengthen your core and improve your posture.

- It improves your posture: Poor posture can cause back and joint pain. This is especially true for those who sit at a desk all day. Hula hooping is a great exercise for improving your posture. It makes you stand up straight, stretches your muscles and improves the blood flow to your body.

- It improves leg muscle strength: Hula hooping requires you to use your legs. It targets the muscles around your thighs and calves. Strong leg muscles are important for everyday activities such as walking and standing.

- It improves your coordination: Hula hooping forces you to coordinate your upper body movement with your lower body. This improves your coordination which is important for everyday activities as well as sports.

- It improves your balance: Strong core muscles are important for good balance. Hula hooping increases your core strength which in turn helps you improve your balance.

- It burns calories and fat: Hula hooping is an aerobic exercise that burns calories. The amount of calories depends on the intensity of the exercise.

- It is a fun way to stay fit: Hula hooping is a great way to stay fit. Unlike other boring exercises, hooping is a fun way to strengthen your body and stay healthy.

- It is less painful on your knees: Unlike jogging, hula hooping does not put too much pressure on your knee joints.

How to make hula hooping more effective?

Hula hooping is an aerobic exercise and burns calories. However, you can make it even more effective by doing it in the right way. Here are a few tips:

- Choose the right size hoop: Hula hooping is an activity for both children and adults. However, the size of the hoop you should use depends on your age. Children under 12 years of age should use a 6-inch hoop while teens and adults should use an 8-inch hoop.

- Do it often: The best way to make hula hooping effective is to do it often. You can do it at least two times a week to see results.

- Do it correctly: - Wear the right clothing: Make sure to wear the right clothing so that you don’t injure yourself. Wear loose fitting clothes that don’t restrict your movement.

Tips for Beginners and Pros

If you are a beginner, Hula hooping is a great way to get fit. However, if you want to avoid injury, make sure to do it correctly. If you already know the basics, make sure you use the right equipment, choose the right location and use the right music.


Hula hooping is an amazing exercise that will help you stay fit, improve your posture and strengthen your core. It is an aerobic exercise that will help you burn calories, improve your balance and coordination, and build muscle and strength. Hula hooping also helps you stay fit and stress-free.